Nice to meet you, I'm Pierre-André Perritaz.
I was born in August 1968 in Fribourg, Switzerland. I'm married to Susana, live now in Geneva. My father is Swiss and my mother is Belgian. My mother tongue is French but I can also correspond and speak a little in English and in Spanish.
I collect license plates since I were 10-12 years old. My first plate were a Swiss plate from canton of Fribourg that I found in the street... but my father didn't agree that I keep this one and he has given back it to the vehicle office. So I maked the plates myself in carton untill my brother offered me my first plate for my Birthday: an US plates: 1968 Kentucky, county of Christian, when I was 12 years old; my brother names Christian ! Then, I bought, bought, bought....then I traded, traded, traded plates.
Today I own around 1000 plates in my collection like: graphic plates, small states and rare plates. I have different styles from all over the world but those I collect must have at least the name -or code- of the country, province, county or city, some except rare plates.
When you will see my want-list, you will understand that my searches are very precise. Now I focus only for plates I'm looking for but I'm open for nice plates I don't know.
I agree to trade and/or sell all the plates of my trade-list.